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About: I am a very competitive gamer. When it comes to gaming I don’t like to lose. My favorite games will have to be… Call of Duty, Rainbow Six Siege, and classic retro games! I am starting my own YouTube channel and it’s called Beezo. My ps4 gamer tag is Barajora!

Gamer Tag: Barajora

YouTube Channel: Beezo



About: I enjoy FPS and simulation games. My favourite game has to be RE4.






Okay, my handle is Deadly Gambit. Why? Because there is always a good chance someone is going to die in a PvP match with me (usually it’s me. I mad a horrible habit in Gears of War 3 of accidently blowing myself up with a rocket launcher). I’ve been playing video games for 30+ years and my first system was an Atari 2800. I enjoy playing games with great story lines, are reasonably challenging, and contain a small bit of humor. You can find me on Steam under “NicoleWagner1981”! Don’t be a stranger and say hi, sometime! 😀

Gamer Tag: Deadly Gambit

Steam: NicoleWagner1981