River City Tokyo Rumble (3DS): Still Not Taking Itself Seriously Since 1989

River City Tokyo Rumble Nintendo UK

River City Tokyo Rumble

If you are a child of the 1980’s like myself, you remember hearing about River City Ransome. A game about Japanese School deliquients beating up other deliquients. It would soon spawn into a volleyball game, and now… we have River City Tokyo Rumble. The best of both worlds!

River City Tokyo Rumble is being reviewed, as the newes game in the series will be out next month on November 21st. It is also being reviewed for being a somewhat awesome experience! When you start up the game, you are given several options: Play the game outright, change the difficulty, bios on characters you meet and beat in the game, and volleyball. That’s right… this game has BOTH the volleyball game and the regular game in one.
The Best of Both Worlds!? But how is the game play!?

Surprisingly smooth on the new 3ds system. I was expecting something a bit clunky when I first downloaded the game to my microSD from the Nintendo Store (since it downloaded so quickly). You can change the view point for the game-play and fighting at any time (even in battle), and the Japanese voices are still intact (though there are not many). Even some of the buildings have been left in their natural Japanese state (Like the JR line. If you are someone who’s been to Japan, you’ve seen the signs for the tran station).

The fighting continues ro contain the ever famous “biff” noises when you punch and kick.  Upgrades to your fighting abilities can be found or bought in book stores or villans. And as you progress, you can unlock more players for the Volleyball game!

Storywise, it never takes itself seriously and has a lot of humor to it. You are trying to protect your home turf in Tokyo from the Tokyo Lions Alliance. But you do not have to do that right away. In the second chapter of the game, you can take side quests or “jobs” for extra money and special items.

While some may feel the game play is repeditive, I find it fun to level up and take out as many deliquients as possible all by myself!

What is the volleyball game like?

Well, it plays more like dodgeball in a way. There is no net, and you can catch the ball and throw it back at other players until their health is deplieted and they are out. So technically… it should be called Dodgeball and not Volleyball. But I can live with that small mistake. Regardless, it is a fun mini game and will give people a lot of nostalgic feels.

Is the Game Worth The Price?

Yes. You can buy the game for $29.99 on the Nintendo E Store, or from Amazon (which includes the limited edition keychain). If you want a game with a retro feel or just a fun beat’em up game that never takes itself seriously, pick up River City Tokyo Rumble. Or pick up the Original River City Ransome from the Nintendo E Store for $5.99. Either way, this is one of those few game series that manages to beat the test of time!

4/5 Biffs

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