Cyborgs and Wrong Words – On Overwatch and Tokusatsu

Okay, this has been bothering me for months now. I’ve complained on my channel, but I’m doing it here on Gaming Insight now.

During the Overwatch anniversary event, every character got a new skin. Genji got one called Sentai. It looks like this.


Heavily armored. Scarf wearing. Segmented mouthpiece. Antennae. Remember that.

It is named for the Japanese series Super Sentai, which includes over 40 different series of Japanese superhero shows, starting with Himistu Sentai Gorenger (or Secret Squadron Five Rangers) and as of the time of this writing on Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger (or Space Squadron Nine Rangers, despite there being twelve of them). Footage from the Super Sentai series is spliced with American footage recorded in New Zealand to make Power Rangers (and whether they are Saban’s or Disney’s depends on the season).

Let’s look at some Super Sentai really quick to see how accurate this “homage” is.


I know that’s a lot of Sentai members to look at, but with a few exceptions, like GoseiKnight of Tensou Sentai Goseiger (Heavenly Armament Squadron Goseiger) or AbareKiller of Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger (Blastasaur Squadron Rampage Ranger), they are unarmored. Those who have a mouth piece have one that looks like lips or a mouthguard, not like some alien or monstrous mouth. They have no antennae, rarely is there a head crest. And there are more capes than scarfs, Battle Fever J not withstanding (that’s the team with the creepy faces and the Pink Ranger with a wig in the back).


And now they’ll haunt your nightmares as well.

Now if only Japan had some older franchise, which might have been a better name than “Sentai” for Genji’s skin. Maybe one with a bunch of cyborgs and ninjas in it already, wearing armor, changed into half-human monsters who have to deal with their lack of humanity. A series of heroes who are but a small step away from their enemies. Like some cool fusion of RoboCop, Batman and Spider-Man. Is there anything like that?

That was a rhetorical question, of course there is.


May I present to you, the greatest Japanese superhero of all time, the one I affectionately call “Japan’s Doctor Who…” Kamen Rider!

A genetically modified human cyborg in green armor with a scarf and a segmented mouthpiece who hunts down the terrorist organization that turned him into an inhuman monster, sometimes teaming up with other superheroes to protect humanity from villains, one of whom is spider-based! Sound like anyone you might know? Huh? HUH?

Heck, you could even look at later Kamen Riders and see how well Genji’s “Sentai” skin fits in!


Look at them all! Armored! Green as a common color! So many with scarfs! So many with dark and tormented pasts! A dozen of the guys in that picture alone are cyborgs, and one of them is a legit cyborg ninja! And the furthest one on the left, Ryuki, can even summon a dragon for his ultimate attack!

So the long and the short of it? I’m going to always call that skin Genji’s Rider skin. And I’ll hum the theme to the original Kamen Rider every time I play with it too. And I ask those of you who agree to also do so.

(Also, watch more Kamen Rider, because I need people to talk to who also like Kamen Rider and this was a feeble attempt to make Overwatch players watch my favorite show. My favorite show being Kamen Rider. Go watch it. Please.)

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