Writing Blog Posts :

Hello and welcome to Writing Blog Posts,

We are glad that you are creating a post for the blog! Here are some requirements and tips for your blog post.

Requirements for writing blog posts:

  1. Create a eye catching Title.

    • This is the number one KEY to writing blog posts. Use keywords for this. Popular words that will show up and be searched for often. However, it still needs to represent what you are posting about.
  2. Featured Image

    • Make sure to use a featured image. If you do not have your own content, then search for a photo that can be used. This keeps the blog looking clean and consistent. Note: Pictures must be clean. No nudity or obscene language
  3. Tags

    • Type tags into the tag box and separate them with a coma. This is how posts show up on different pages and how people can search for posts. For example, if you use the Tag ” Destiny Blog” then the post will show up on the Main screen AND the Destiny Blog page.
  4. Sharing

    • You must share your article to your social media. Every post will have this requirement.

Suggestions for writing blog posts:

  1. More Options

    • Under the “More options” tab is an excerpt option. This will be the text that shows for your post on the main site until someone clicks “read more.” This makes for a really clean look. Example: “Learn how to ____” or “Tips for____.”
    • Allow comments
    • Allow Pingbacks & Trackbacks
  2. Signature

    • Include a signature at the bottom of your post. This can include your gamer handle, twitter account, etc. We want to really give your post some identify 🙂
  3. Links

    • If you are including a link, there are a few options. You can simple paste a link like Gaminginsight.net or you can click the link button at the top and make it look like this —> Gaming Insight . You can even link it to other posts. I suggest you link it to YOUR other posts to gain views.

    • “You can use the Blockquote button to post like this. “


A lot of the rest will just be playing around and figuring out what you like ! However, if you have any questions feel free to reach out to me. When you are finished, click “Preview” to make sure it looks how you want it to. Then click “Publish” and share.

Follow these tips and you will be writing blog posts with high exposure in no time:)



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