Become a Gaming Blogger! Here are the benefits:

Become a Gaming Blogger

The Mission: This blog was launched on 10/9/2017 with the purpose of giving gamers a voice while gaining social media recognition, exposure, and 
other benefits.

This Post: This post should give you an idea of why you should become a gaming blogger. If you have any questions after the article then feel free to contact me at

Here are some perks:

  • Free Social Media Promotion
  • Exposure to other bloggers followers
  • Your posts will have premium Google Indexing features to promote content
  • Top performing bloggers will receive a % of the Advertising revenue.
    • Top 3 bloggers will receive 15% of Advertising revenue. This creates an advantageous desire to grow the blog.


  • You need to have a passion for gaming
  • Write quality content that people want to read
  • Share the Blog and content you create on your social media.

We have worked hard to development a win-win situation for everyone involved 🙂 When you take your followers and bring them to the blog, and then other bloggers bring their followers.. It benefits everyone.

In conclusion, If you have a passion for gaming and want to share your knowledge or thoughts, then contact me at or our Twitter to become a gaming blogger.

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