Alienware 13 Laptop Review! Worth it?

Hello and welcome to my Alienware 13 Laptop Review!

PC gamers are wondering if the Alienware 13 Laptop with the Alien Technology Screen is worth it.. While many people say “absolutely !” there is a large portion of gamers saying that it is an overpriced brand. So does this laptop sway any of the naysayers ? Lets take a look.


Lets start with the best feature- The Alienware 13 Laptop has a stunning panel. The screen features deeper blacks than most laptop screens because of its OLED screen. This contrast with vibrant colors instantly catches the eye. Oh, and it’s touchscreen.

The panel is quite small at 13.3”, but it runs at a resolution of 1440p. This is a nice spec because most gamers will appreciate this difference after sitting close to the screen for a while.

The laptop offers premium build quality. There is a solid frame with durability.

Highly responsive touchpad with left and right clicker.

Full RGB LED lighting for both the keyboard and the trackpad. This is a beautiful design with a somewhat practical application…I guess.  It provides more than enough lighting in the dark. I can always see my tv remote (haha).  The software always you to change the lighting settings. You can play with the color displays, set up color cycling, and choose between a few other options.

The Alienware 13 Laptop has a Intel i7-7700HQ processor,  a Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics card, and 16 GB of RAM. This makes for a decently powerful package. However, there is no option of buying a second hard-drive.


The laptop is a chunky 31mm thick with a power brick, and it weighs 2.6KG.  This eliminates the possibility of carrying it in a standard 13″ laptop bag.

The keyboard has 2.2mm of travel. I prefer a tighter click. However…Yes, this is a personal opinion. So maybe this is a Pro for you.

While beautiful, the full RGB LED lighting tends to drain the battery quick. I would suggest only turning it on when you have access to charging.

I bought the £1,849.00 laptop. However there is a £1,499.01  and a  £1,249.00 option. The £1,499.01  option is already half of the RAM that I got and you don’t get the OLED screen. I would suggest most expensive version if you can afford it. You really do get what you pay for 🙂

I hope you enjoyed my Alienware 13 Laptop Review! Let us know if you think it is worth it.

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