Maximize Twitter Followers and Engagement

I had created the New Element Gaming twitter account and within a year I had over 2,500 followers that were real and interactive !✊ This is how to do it:

1. Continuously post material that people will WANT to retweet.

2. VERY IMPORTANT: Use a service that allows you to schedule tweets, track analytics, and manage followers. This makes it a lot easier. I suggest using Manage Flitter because it was the service that helped me grow to over 2,500 followers quickly ! (No, I do not get paid by Manage Flitter).

3. Favorite tweets of smaller accounts. These users notice every single like and often follow you if the account is on the rise. Do not waste your time favoriting tweets of large accounts because the owners see the number but never look at who is actually liking their content.

4. Add #Followback to your bio. This sounds cheesy but it actually makes a difference.

5. Do a giveaway! Hundreds of people will retweet & follow even if it only means a chance at a $10 Xbox live giftcard.

6. Do not give up. The first month or so will be slow but it will eventually cause a snowball effect. Keep up the hard work and the followers will come.

This is a helpful link I found–> How Content Promotion Works

Comment if you have any questions !!

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